Founded in 1975 as a Holding Company in Doha, Al-Hodaifi Group has longstanding roots in the economy of Qatar.

With the pioneering vision and unshakable values of its chairman His Excellency Ghanim Sultan Al-Hodaifi, Al-Hodaifi Group has grown exponentially in recent years, answering and supporting Qatar’s accelerated growth across all sectors.

Today, Al-Hodaifi Group garners an impressive 30 member companies, allowing it to venture into a full array of economic activities, namely Construction, Oil and Gas, Trade, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Consumables, Agriculture, Information Technology, Services, Industrial Activities, and Project Consultancy.

Al Hodaifi Group was established in May 2003 as a wholly owned Qatari Business Group to perform the following activities:

  • Participating in major development projects.
  • Representing International and Regional Manufacturers, Products suppliers & Services providers firms.
  • Playing the role of Service Agent for International & Regional Contractors participating in Major project in the State of Qatar.
  • Investing in Industrial projects.
  • Investing in Regional Joint Ventures
  • Investing in Real Estate properties.