Al Hodaifi Group - Qatar

Industrial Development and Trading Co. (IDTC)

Founded in 2001 in Qatar, the company’s activities shifted from Safety and Security at large to Traffic Safety and Security in specific. In recent years, and in keeping up with the accelerated growth of Qatar and its fast-track infrastructure development, IDTC has installed over 100 traffic surveillance systems at key intersections in Doha city, and has launched the installation of a large-scale speed control system covering newly built tunnels in and around the capital. To ensure its systems’ continued functionality, IDTC partnered with EPS Lebanon to build the most advanced UPS systems in Qatar.

IDTC’s specializations can be summed as follows:

  • Road Traffic Radars and Security Cameras
  • Tunnel Speed Radar Systems
  • Traffic Light Violation Control Systems
  • Traffic Management Centers